Healthy food ! – the benifits of eating shiitake

Shiitake, as a famous edible fungus, is known as the "king of delicacy among mushrooms" for a long time in east Asian. It contains so many nutrient elements that people used to eat them very frequently in Asian countries such as China, Japan, South korea, and it does bring a lot benefits to its customers.

There are water 91 g , protein 3.0 g, fat 0.4 g, dietary fiber 3.5 g, carbohydrate 4.9 g, etc in each 100g fresh shiitake. Besides those above, shiitake also contains rich trace elements, vitamin D, vitamin E and more amino acid. It will meet the vitamin demand if a adult could eat 25 g fresh shiitake daily. And 100 to 200 g dried shiitake will help to maintain the balance of nutrients in the body.

Shiitake lower the blood fat with the lentinacin, which is contained in shiitake and could dissolve cholesterol. Meanwhile the tyrosine, oxidase, sputum, and some nucleic acid substances in shiitake could lower the blood pressure, and It also helps to prevent atherosclerosis, cirrhosis and other diseases.

Benefits of eating shiitake
Benefits of eating shiitake1

The water extract in shiitake could eliminate the hydrogen peroxide and the free radicals in the body. So it will help to delay the efficacy of aging by eating shiitake frequently.

Polysaccharides from shiitake can enhance the body's immunity by promoting the production of T- lymphocytes, and improving their activity; there is also the effect of curing chronic hepatitis. Shiitake is also food supplementary for vitamin D. By eating shiitake regularly, the Vitamin D you get from shiitake could promote the absorption of calcium and prevent the occurrence of disease.

There is a rich vitamin B group - vitamin B1, B2 - have great help to improve overflowed dermatitis. So eating shiitake frequently will help to prevent skin inflammation and mucosa.

There are some ribonuceleic acid, which will work on the product of the interferon with anti- cancer effect. Besides, the β-glucidase from shiitake will significantly enhance the effect of anti - cancer in the human body.

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Post time: May-14-2020

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